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You will get contract ready, find contracts to pursue. Decide which one of the 3 strategies 
you'd like to use and implement the strategy. 


In fact, she already did.


  • A registered business.
  • ​Depending on the strategy you want to implement, you might need a website for credibility purposes.
  • ​Only thing left is to register with and start bidding Government contracts. With a business your ready, we'll show and tell you everything todo, step by step.


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Weekly Live Coaching and Support for Unparalleled Growth

Dive into our Weekly Live Coaching and Support sessions, a cornerstone feature of our Government Contracting Program designed to propel your business to new heights

Hosted by seasoned subject matter experts in the government contracting arena, these Zoom calls are your weekly touchstone for personalized guidance, strategic insights, and actionable advice.

What to Expect:
  • Interactive Q&A Sessions: Have your pressing questions answered in real-time, ensuring you have the clarity and direction needed to move forward confidently.
  • Live Demonstrations: Witness firsthand through screen shares how to navigate finding contracts, crafting winning proposals, and optimizing your strategies for government contracting success.
  • Expert-Led Strategies: Gain access to cutting-edge techniques and methodologies from leaders who've successfully navigated the government space, providing you with an insider's advantage.
  • Holistic Business Development: These calls cover all aspects of building a thriving business in the government sector—from operational strategies, hiring and team management, to systemizing processes for efficiency.
  • Networking and Collaboration Opportunities: Connect with fellow members, fostering opportunities for collaboration, partnership, and shared growth.

Our Weekly Live Coaching and Support sessions are more than just meetings; they're a lifeline to ongoing success and support as you navigate the complexities of government contracting. 

Whether you're looking for advice on business development, seeking better opportunities, or needing guidance on any aspect of your journey, these calls offer a comprehensive support system designed to meet you where you're at.


Elevate Your Experience with Our Engagement Leaderboard & Rewards Program

Our Government Contracting Program goes beyond traditional learning and networking; we've introduced an innovative Engagement Leaderboard & Rewards Program to enhance your journey and celebrate your active participation. 

This gamified feature is designed to foster collaboration, engagement, and growth within our vibrant community, making your path to government contracting success not just rewarding but also exciting.

How It Works:

As you engage within the community—whether by sharing insights, collaborating on projects, or offering support—you'll earn points that propel you up the leaderboard. 

With nine levels to ascend, each new level unlocks exclusive rewards, incentivizing your journey and recognizing your contributions.

Unlock Exclusive Bonuses:
  • Free Coaching Sessions: Get personalized guidance tailored to your unique challenges and goals.
  • Complimentary Proposal Writing Services: Enhance your bids with expert assistance, elevating your chances of winning contracts.
  • One-on-One Strategy Calls: Dive deep into your business strategy with direct access to industry experts.
  • Done-For-You Services: Leverage our team's expertise for specific tasks, freeing you to focus on big-picture strategies.
  • Valuable Gifts: Receive curated gifts that grow more substantial as you climb higher, designed to support your business's growth.


Community & Networking 

Joining our Government Contracting Program offers more than just expert guidance and comprehensive training; it grants you exclusive access to a vibrant, private community of government contractors. 

This community is a melting pot of ambition, expertise, and success, where members range from seasoned subject matter experts and multimillionaire entrepreneurs to those embarking on their first steps in the government marketplace.

Networking within this diverse group opens doors to unparalleled collaboration opportunities, insider insights, and shared strategies for winning government contracts. Whether you’re seeking advice, partnership opportunities, or simply moral support, this community is designed to propel you towards success.

In the world of government contracting, the right connections can make all the difference. Our community is a dynamic space where you can:
  • Connect with Peers: Engage with fellow contractors who are actively navigating the same government contracting landscape. Share experiences, challenges, and triumphs.
  • Learn from Experts: Gain direct access to industry leaders and subject matter experts who are eager to share their knowledge and insights, helping you avoid common pitfalls and capitalize on proven strategies.
  • Forge Strategic Partnerships: Discover potential collaborators and partners to join forces with on government bids, enhancing your offerings and increasing your chances of success.
  • Receive Support and Guidance: Whether you’re facing a complex bid process or need feedback on a proposal, the community offers a supportive network to guide you through every challenge.
Embrace the opportunity to be part of a community where every question is met with an answer, every challenge with a solution, and every member is committed to mutual success. 

With the collective wisdom and support of our community, you're not just working towards winning contracts; you're building a foundation for lasting success in the government market.

This is more than a program; it's your entry point to a network of success in government contracting. Join us and unlock the collective power of our community to accelerate your journey in the government marketplace.

What Other Business Owners Are Saying About Desmond...



  • Government Contracting Mastery ($2,497 Value): Learn everything about winning Federal, State and Local Government contracts.
  • Contract Readiness ($997): Step by step training on how to become contract ready so you can start winning Government Contracts.
  • Leverage Your Certifications ($3,497 Value): If you're a Woman Own Business, a Veteran, or a Minority and you want to win more contracts, we'll show you exactly how to leverage your status to win more contracts.
  • Finding Contracts ($497 Value): Learn how to find the best Government Contracts for Your business that give you the highest probability of winning.
  • Business Development Blueprint ($4,998 Value): Learn how to get in front of your target agencies, demonstrate value and win contracts without having to compete with other businesses because the contract was designed specifically for you.
  • Capture Management Strategies ($9,978 Value): Learn how to perform Capture and winning contract before it's posted online.
  • Proposal Writing Mastery ($4,997 Value): Learn our proven proposal writing process that is GUARANTEED to increase your probability of winning the contracts you decide to bid. Plus, we have templates ready for you to use.
  • Teaming Agreements($2,997 Value): Leverage teaming agreements and subcontracting to partner with other businesses to increase your probability of winning the contracts you choose to pursue.
  • And so much more: Honestly, i can write a book on everything you will get in the program when you join but the truth is, this is the most comprehensive program in the market. Check our track record, reviews, and testimonials. Join the program, you will not be disappointed and if you are, we'll refund you.


We have a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you decide to cancel after the first 14 days of joining, just request a refund and we'll fully refund you your investment. 

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Everything You're Going To Get

    • Full Access To Our Government Contracting Training Platform: Learn Everything about doing business with the Federal, State and Local Government. - ($2,998 Value)
    • Weekly Government Contracting Coaching Calls With Desmond where you'll follow along as he shows you how to do business with the Government and win Government Contracts.  
    • Library of documents and templates to help you streamline your acquisition process. Use our proven email scripts, proposal templates, subcontracting agreements to get results faster.
    • Weekly Live Q&A Sessions with Desmond Acha. (This includes giving you strategy, reviewing contracts, and helping you overcome any obstacles you're facing. 
    • Community & Networking: We have one of the fastest growing Government Contracting Community in the market. Join and network with other Government Contractors that are also walking the path to millions. Plus, your next teaming partner or subcontractor might be waiting for you in the community.
    • Leaderboard Gamification:  Every month you'll have the chance to win 1:1 Support and coaching just by engaging with other members in the community. This creates an environment where everybody wins. 
    • 24/7 365 Support: Our staff is always ready to support and answer any questions you may have. Plus, our engaged community is also there to support you if you hit any roadblocks. Success in the Government market some down to your network and we've built that for you. All you have todo is join.


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    "I Won my first Government Contract for $112,000 & It hasn't even been a month"

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    "We came in at $320,000 and the closes competitor was $342,000. We won!"

    "We won our first Government contract in just about 2 months"

    "Since we last spoke, i've won 2 contracts and currently working on my 3rd."

    "i Wish i knew you earlier, i'd probably be way further in life right now."

    "I won the contract. When i started i was a baby taking first step. Now i'm like walking now!"

    "I Followed the program, i did the calls, submitted the bids and won the contract."

    "Since joining the program we've won over $1,000,000 in State Contracts"

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